Mock Candidates

Sally Salmon

Occupation: Dietician
Occupational Background: Food Service and Complexion Health
Educational Background: Nutritional Science, MS, Health Living Institute
Prior Government Experience: Served on the Nutritional Balance Oversight Committee.
Platform: I believe in migration. We need to bring everyone together regardless if they are freshwater or saltwater proponents. I’m adaptable and can survive in any environment.

Santiago Sturgeon

Occupation: Caviar Production Manager
Occupational Background: River Silt Excavator
Educational Background: Business Degree, North Pacific Community College
Prior Government Experience: None
Platform: I proactively support small businesses. We need to go deep to make reform possible before we become living fossils hanging out on the bottom of the river.

Frieda Tree Frog

Occupation: Canopy Zipline Manager
Occupational Background: Tree Trimmer, Land Use Scout
Educational Background: GED and Adventure Park Certification
Prior Government Experience: High Profile Sit-in Demonstrations
Platform: I won’t camouflage who I am. I want to challenging people to new heights. We need to upend conventional wisdom to help our County rise above and see through the forest.

Olivia Otter

Occupation: Accountant, Mussel’s Stone Tool Distribution, Inc.
Occupational Background: Inventory Specialist and Bookkeeper
Educational Background: On the Job Training
Prior Government Experience: Mayor’s Female Empowerment Advisory Council.
Platform: As your Commissioner, I will set the standard for public accounting and reconcile our finances so they are not imperiled. I have the tools to break open our future.

Bill Beaver

Occupation: Owner, Lodge and Dam Builders, LLC
Occupational Background: Dam Maintenance and Under Water Technology Consulting
Educational Background: Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Colony University
Prior Government Experience: River Authority Conservation and Construction Safety Council
Platform: As an engineer, I take the time to do it right and I do it with precision. I have a calibrated blend of business skills and expertise that will help us build our community.